Declutter your toddler’s life, and put everything in order as you introduce your little person to orderly living, because chaos and clutter are probably the last things that you want your kid associated with. A little bit of discipline doesn’t hurt. In fact it may even be necessary to be a perfectly functioning positive citizen, so start your toddler early by incorporating some healthy and positive routines that will help not only your toddler but also you and your schedule.

You should never try to turn your tiny humans into mindless minions, even if you think that feels more practical because you need someone to fetch things for you every now and then. In fact, you should see that during the implementation of your routines you can add more creativity into your mini me’s daily routines as you introduce him or her into a life of happiness, success, and balance.

The toddler years are practically when the very foundation of your little humans’ cognitive, emotional, and social intelligence develop. So, you should never just leave them hanging around. Self-discovery may be a fun and adventurous process, but it can be harmful in many ways, both physically and mentally, or even emotionally.

And because of this we must be cautious during these toddler stages when our little astronauts and tiny ninjas start learning to walk and talk as this is a crucial and stressful time when your littles ones finally take off.

You probably are living in a comfortable routine of your own right now, or maybe at least before you got a curious minion or two running around your surroundings. If you already have a functional routine, all you need to do is add your toddler’s needs and must haves into it. Keep it as balanced as possible, especially if you are new to this. Don’t stress too much. Try it and if it works go with it, and if it doesn’t try something else. Of course, beforehand, you should think about your tiny humans safety and security.

The bottom line is, even if you don’t incorporate a routine of some sort into your toddler’s daily dos, your toddler will still probably develop his or her own. So better to incorporate those healthy and creative dos while things are still not yet that complicated.
Do some research on what great routines for toddlers should be, like maybe that perfect time to eat a delicious healthy breakfast or maybe even a bedtime story. Simple as it is, it still will be an essential part of your toddler’s growth and development.

Routines can still be fun, but just make sure to keep them lively and energetic. Remember it is up to you to find out what fits best and is beneficial for your little minion.

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