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Jo Ann Gramlich has always been an advocate for children, setting a good example for them and inspiring them to be more—but it’s no secret that children inspire her too.

Having worked as a children’s speech-language pathologist for almost three decades now, Jo Ann Gramlich is no stranger to kids. Almost every day, she tries to be a good example when she’s interacting with children and offering them speech-language therapy. Because of the nature of her career, she has been in wide contact with young kids who have delayed communication skills and speech disorders, which she strives to alleviate with sound care and bright optimism.

Like everyone else, children need the confidence to step forward and improve, and Miss JoJo is there to guide them every step of the way. It is her passion to let every child be heard and recognized by teaching them how to tap into their imagination and make the best use of their gifted minds. 

Miss JoJo’s philosophy of making learning fun and educational brings out the best in children and provides an open and engaging learning environment that lets them explore their creative pursuits and inspires them to be a good example to others. 

Setting a Good Example

For Miss JoJo, children are a great source of joy. There is a natural harmony that is activated when she is around them. This really helps her establish a rapport and lends a helping hand when interacting with them on a regular basis as a speech-language therapist. 

It is only through engaging with them on their level and on their terms that you develop healthy and reciprocal relationships with children of any age. Remember, while children can seem unsure or uncertain at times, it is because they lack the knowledge and the experience that they are actually very mindful of their responsibilities and obligations of growing better and learning more about the world around them.

How Children Inspire Adults

In her work, Miss JoJo never ever tries to put down children because as she is teaching them, they are also teaching her. Children can inspire adults, too, not only the reverse. 

Children are inspirational in their own way. While they may look up to adults and feel that they have a lot to learn from them, their very presence and unique ways of approaching the world are also encouraging and motivational for the adults around them. From their almost boundless energy, their endless curiosity, and their pure innocence, children have a special place in this world and, without knowing, bring out the best in their older counterparts. Children are a reminder that the world is full of beauty, wonder, and goodness.

Endless Curiosity

With a natural desire to learn and understand everything and anything of interest, children have a quirky enthusiasm for discovering new things about the world and that can be wildly contagious. Their curiosity is an inspiration, and a good example of how seeking out new experiences and learning new things is never-ending.

Pure Innocence

The purity of heart and integrity of children is very refreshing and inspiring for adults who often have to navigate precarious workplaces and family situations on eggshells. The way children see the world with an overwhelming sense of wonder and awe is a good example of why people should always look past the surface and truly engage with what is hidden in the depths of others. Trust and faith are difficult things to come by, but everyone should learn how to deal with others more freely. 

Boundless Energy

Children have a natural love for life and a sense of adventure that comes from their boundless energy and enthusiasm. There is no child out there that does not love to play, explore and discover, which is incredibly inspirational. A good example for adults to remember is there is more to life than just pursuing work and chores. Children inspire adults to live life to the fullest and to never lose their sense of wonder and joy with life.

IN CONCLUSION: A Child is a Good Example

Children often face challenges and setbacks that are similar to what adults experience in life. Yet, they bounce back and persevere through difficult times. They are an inspiration to everyone and shouldn’t be looked at as inferior because they do not have the same knowledge or experiences as adults. In fact, they should be nurtured and appreciated for their inexperience simply because they are a reminder of where we all began. We were all children once too!!

Jo Ann Gramlich is an award-winning author and speech-language pathologist specializing in helping children with communication disorders in Buffalo, New York. She holds a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from SUNY Buffalo and has extensive experience in early intervention, preschool, and school settings. Visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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