As your preschoolers strive and enjoy life, they will start developing new habits and gaining more friends and acquaintances that could influence their development when it comes to social and emotional intelligence, good judgment, competence, generosity, and pretty much their overall outlook in life. This is a very important stage in their lives, for they are now starting and will continue to be encountering more and more people. So do take this opportunity to teach your little ones a very essential skill that will vastly improve their lives and that of everyone around them.

One of the core values of living in positivity is mindfulness, and a huge part of mindfulness is all about mindful listening. As your preschoolers are in this learning stage, it is best for them to know how to learn in the safest and most efficient possible way, which is without a doubt “the art of listening.” Listening defined here is not just about literal hearing, but also in what lies way beyond that, in the stages of comprehension and evaluation. Yes, learning is something that you have to learn as well.

Teaching “the art of listening” is not a simple task, for sometimes we, as parents have a difficult time actually listening. Remember that hearing is just part of listening, and it is more intricate than that. Listening may even require you to rely on your other senses. One way for you to learn how to teach your preschoolers the “art of listening” is for you to eagerly start listening to them, because children at this stage tend to absorb easily and mimic what they see. It can be a tedious and long process of you learning from your little gurus, and your little gurus learning from you. Somehow, it is a better approach to not “teach” them, but instead, actually let them experience “the art of listening.” This will strengthen your bond, and improve the learning abilities of your tiny geniuses. To optimize the preschool years, learning, taught as a skill, is something to consider. Most parents overlook the idea that learning how to learn is a major component in their preschooler’s development.

You don’t have to teach them every random skill. You just have to teach them one key skill that will make learning simple and a bit less complicated. It will be a major positive investment in your child’s life. And do you know what that skill is? Well, if you were “listening”, absorbing, and comprehending, the last few paragraphs, then you already know it’s “the art of listening!”

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