Not everyone is gifted with the eyes to see and the heart to appreciate every little detail, but everyone who’s willing to, can always learn how to. In fact, this may be more of a journey for you as well, as you try to instill positivity as part of your preschooler’s daily living. After all, one must be a positive person before one can work on positive parenting.

Positive parenting is not just regular parenting. It’s about living with positivity in every possible aspect in your life as a parent and as a person. It is a lifestyle. How you become a positive parent is primary and is the only needed addition for your regular parenting scheme. So how can you develop positivity as a person and as a parent?

Firstly, you have to understand what it really is, or at least how it should be, and that means breaking it down to subcategories that on their own promotes positivity. How one can apply positivity in one’s life is a case by case basis. Here are the three keys to positivity: mindfulness, gratefulness, and kindness.

Mindfulness is where it all begins. Learning mindfulness will open the doors to a lot of positive opportunities for growth and development. Mindfulness by definition is being truly aware of your surroundings, your thoughts, and your feelings, and this is necessary for the next two keys. Mindfulness is not even that common of a skill and is not taught at school, so one must take the initiative to teach mindfulness to oneself and kids.

Gratefulness is the second key, where positivity in ones life is greatly magnified. Most of the time in our lives, we take for granted every little thing that we should be thankful for. Imagine if we acknowledge everything we should be thankful for. How much positivity comes with learning gratefulness? Definitely a lot. This is the second key that one must learn, and should definitely be thought of, as well as acted upon. A tip is to take those tiny minute windows like the ones you get during traffic to be grateful for everything that you have. Trust me, it will lead your day into a positive one, way better than it should have been.

The last key to positivity mostly comes naturally on its own, when one is both mindful and grateful. Kindness should be a by product and not something forced. When you have the first two skills instilled into your parenting, most likely kindness will follow. Kindness is essential for your little leader to grow his or her circle of friends and connections in a positive and healthy way.

Learn these three major keys and instill them into your parenting and daily living. Also, be grateful for the great positive changes that will surely come to you, your preschooler, and pretty much everyone around you in your daily life.

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