Certain forms of media
such as apps and games, when usage is appropriately controlled and supervised
by an adult, provide the growing brains of toddlers with the necessary
stimulation to learn faster, earlier, and grasp concepts better.







The mind of a toddler is like that of a sponge, soaking up
all the info that they can about everything and everyone around them. This is
why some particular games or apps may prove extremely beneficial to the young
minds of children.







Here are some
interactive learning tools and apps for toddlers and young kids, and their growing







  • Kids Academy Talented & Gifted







Kids Academy is among one of the most highly educational and
engaging apps for kids. Their unique learn-through-play program consolidates
the most effective innovation, artificial intelligence, personalized learning,
and entertainment to assist kids in getting the education they need and
deserve. The game now has more than 5000 learning exercises that incorporate
educational games and videos, interactive and printable worksheets, songs,
puzzles and flashcards. They cover the key subject areas of Math, Reading,
Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Parents will be able to keep track
of their children’s progress, identify and develop their child’s talents, and
work on the topics that need improvement.







  • Lingokids- English for Children







The Lingokids app currently has 9
million children currently playing the game and actively learning the English
language.  The app has over 3,000 words
to learn in an exciting and thrilling way. Featuring content from Oxford
University Press, it is a globally well-received game that has served as a
vital educational tool for children, parents, and teacher of all nationalities,
everywhere. Every week, new educational activities are added to further
accommodate and adjust to all learning styles: audiobooks, traceables, songs,
games, and much more.







  • Youtube Kids







Exclusively created for kids, Youtube Kids offers
instructive recordings and fun along with child friendly content to move and
improve youthful personalities. It’s extraordinary compared to other learning
applications for children out there, as it offers them a simple method to watch
their preferred shows. Additionally, they can investigate whatever catches
their creative mind. This application is free, easy to manage, and offers kid-oriented
and family-friendly videos.







  • Habitat the Game







This app will help children develop a greater sense of care
and compassion when it comes to earth’s animals.  Players of Habitat the Game adopt a virtual
polar bear and are able to complete small tasks which make a big difference in
the habitat of an endangered animal. 
Habitat the game challenges children to go on an exciting adventure
through the Artic, virtually raising their own polar bear, while getting out
and exploring their own backyard.  It
will allow your child to learn how to do real life actions at home or in their
community like recycling, composting, and turning off lights. Young ones will
wholeheartedly take pride in having a real effect on the planet with these
responsibility-instilling games.







  • Faces iMake- Right Brain Creativity







This application opens to a clear workspace with buttons
representing the various collection materials. Artists start by picking a face
shape and shading. At that point they tap on a category such as toys at the
base of the screen to cause a line of toys to show up. Children can look
through the line and after that drag objects into the work region. Hair can be
made out of goofy things including inflatables or licorice. It is all up to the
creator to attempt to see ordinary things in an innovative light.







At the point when children finish a creation, they can share
it to their camera roll or transfer their designs to FaceWorld, a virtual art
exhibit. They can also download other individual’s creations, adjust them, and
afterward transfer them to team up with kids from around the globe.







  • Crayola Create and Play







This child favorite app joins imagination with learning
exercises and games designed for children ages 3 to 8. There are five zones of
exercises. Art Station has a free draw area with a lot of fun enhancements, a
shading book section that assists kids with staying between the lines, and a
spot for children to take selfies with ensembles that they can further enrich
in the shading book zone. The shading lab is tied in with blending and
arranging hues. Children can structure their own hues and make a wax shape
utilizing a form, figure out how pastels are made, sort pastels by shading, and
sort paint balls.







  •  Talk, Play, And Read With Me Mommy Interactive eBook app







This application will provide you and your child with many stimulating activities and games that are developmentally appropriate and designed to help enhance your child’s speech and language skills.  There are animal games, musical sing-along games, counting and matching games, shapes and color games, vocabulary games, memory games, story time games, listening games, and so much more.   These interactive games are filled with colorful animation, sound effects, and audio recordings that will make your child’s learning experiences enjoyable and fun.  Not only will your child acquire various communication skills, but bonding between you and your child will naturally take place through these fun and creative interactive activities. 







Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay




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